Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not Just About The Coffee

Short and sweet today.

Grabbing a cup of coffee (or tea) is never just about the coffee. I love the event of sitting in a coffee shop, talking, laughing, and just being in the moment of it all. Coffee breaks are what helped me make it through midwifery school. Taking a small break from all the chaos that surrounds our lives and really enjoying the company of another till the very last drop.

I had coffee this morning, after practice, with a dear friend. We talked and listened to each other. We laughed. We theorized. We traded stories. I think that some of the most profound moments through out my life were discussed over coffee. I love leaving a conversation with thoughts to ponder and mull over...chew on and swirl around in the back of my mind. I love to be inspired by those around me. I yearn to learn passion from passion, spirit from spirit, and contentment from contentment…and even more, acceptance from acceptance. Amazing what can be done over coffee.

I truly cherish these moment of connectedness.