Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A buoyancy

The past few days have been positive and healthy in many ways.  Sometimes I feel like when it rains it pours, but also that when it is sunny it is a beautiful blinding light as well.

I received a small, but BIG, package from my dear cousin.  Upon hearing about how sick the family has been she "brewed" me up some natural oils to help scare the plague away from our house.  The cough blend has been great to help with the hacking cough the kids have, especially in combination with the Breathe oils in the humidifier (not pictured here).  While I am hopeful that the flu has taken its last Maloney victim, I have been putting the Flu Shot in a Bottle on the kids feet at night to boost immunity (as directed:).  I have at times dabbled in oils, specifically lavender for relaxation and eucalyptus for stuffiness, but have not really invested much thought in it.  My cousin swears by them, causing me to start my mind churning about using them more.  My scientific mind wants to research their efficacy and be all nerdy about it...we will see if my energy can rise to meet the occasion.  Either way, they aren't hurting anything and it leaves the kids smelling great:)

My best friend came to visit me over the weekend from Philadelphia.  She and I went to nursing and midwifery school together, and shared many of our waking hours locked in conversation.  After she left on Monday, I was filled with a buoyancy that is difficult to describe.  I processed through this with my therapist the other night, wondering how such a short visit with this wonderful woman could make me feel lighter.  Yes she is my best friend, that is a given and obvious answer, but there just seems to be so much more.  Her love, honesty and rawness touches me so deeply.  She makes me tap into my alternative, non-mainstream, hippy self.  There is a comfort, where things do not always need explanation or words.  We get to dream and scheme of working together, thrift store shopping, and changing the world.  She just gets me.  And I love her for it.

My husband is entering into the world of home-brewing.  Yep, he has moved onto brewing his own beer.  Let me take this moment to say that my husband, very much like my father, never does anything half-ass.  When he gets interested in something, whether it be guitars, cigars, politics, or now brewing, he learns EVERYTHING there is to know.  I have to laugh in the AM, when I pull out the computer and see his most recent search on google.  This morning it was "dry hopping".  His enthusiasm makes me giggle.

I read this article the other day on cultural concepts that don't exist in the US.  It made me wonder if we have anything like this in the US.  Not sure that we do.  I have copied the link below if you are interested in reading.

What I am reading now: Boston Girl

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